Pakistan Railways Management Jobs in Lahore 2023

Pakistan Railways Management Jobs in Lahore 2023


Pakistan Railways jobs in Lahore 2023. Advertisement date is 19-July-2023 in daily Dunya Newspaper. Vacancy post of assistant station master,  hr expert grade ii, chief financial officer, work mistry, safety inspector, stattion master, telephone operator, guard grade ii, fitter, auditor, head incharge, water man, points man, gun man, telecom technician, clerk, accounts assistant, sub engineer, rail transport costing expert, manager customer relation, lab assistant, tracer, assistant safety inspector, store incharge, computer operator, tariff analyst, draftsman, hr expert grade i and head clerk in Lahore, lahore Punjab Pakistan.

Pakistan Railways is a government-owned organization responsible for operating the country's rail network, connecting major cities and towns, including Lahore, which is one of the major railway hubs in Pakistan. The railway system plays a crucial role in facilitating transportation, commerce, and trade, serving as a vital lifeline for both passengers and freight movement across the country. Latest Jobs in Lahore.

Jobs within Pakistan Railways in Lahore 2023, like in any large organization, would encompass various roles and responsibilities.

These positions may include Just for Example For Railway jobs 2023:

  1. Station Master: Station Masters are responsible for overseeing the efficient and safe operations at railway stations. They ensure that trains arrive and depart on time, coordinate with train drivers, handle passenger services, and manage station staff.
  2. Train Driver/Assistant Train Driver: Train drivers are responsible for operating trains safely and efficiently. They must have a comprehensive understanding of the railway system, adhere to schedules, and ensure the safety of passengers and cargo during their journeys.
  3. Signal and Telecommunication Engineer: These professionals maintain and troubleshoot the railway's signal and telecommunication systems, ensuring smooth communication between train operators and control centers.
  4. Track Maintenance Engineer: Track maintenance engineers are tasked with inspecting and repairing railway tracks to ensure they are in optimal condition for safe train operations.
  5. Ticketing and Customer Service Staff: Ticketing and customer service staff provide assistance to passengers, sell tickets, manage reservations, and address customer inquiries and complaints.
  6. Finance and Administration: Jobs in this domain deal with financial management, budgeting, and administrative tasks necessary for the smooth functioning of the organization.
  7. Mechanical and Electrical Engineers: These professionals are responsible for maintaining and repairing the railway's rolling stock, including locomotives and carriages, ensuring they are in good working order.

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Details for Pakistan Railways Management Jobs in Lahore 2023

Name Details
OrganizationPakistan Railways
Job LocationLahore, Lahore Pakistan
NewspaperDunya News
Total VacantMultiple
EducationMatric _ Intermediate _ Bachelor _ Master _ DAE
GanderMale / Female
Post Date19-July-2023
Last Date18-August-2023

Jobs Position

  1. Head Incharge
  2. Stattion Master
  3. Assistant Station Master
  4. HR Expert Grade ii
  5. Chief Financial Officer
  6. Work Mistry
  7. Safety Inspector
  8. Telephone Operator
  9. Guard Grade ii
  10. Fitter
  11. Auditor
  12. Water Man
  13. Points Man
  14. Gun Man
  15. Telecom Technician
  16. Clerk
  17. Accounts Assistant
  18. Sub Engineer
  19. Rail Transport Costing Expert
  20. Manager Customer Relation
  21. Computer Operator
  22. Lab Assistant
  23. Tracer
  24. Store Incharge
  25. Tariff Analyst
  26. Assistant Safety Inspector
  27. Draftsman
  28. HR Expert Grade i
  29. Head Clerk

How To Apply Online For Pakistan Railway Jobs in Lahore

Eligible candidate Can apply Online Click Here For Pakistan Railway Jobs in Lahore. To apply for Pakistan Railway jobs in Lahore, interested candidates typically need to check the official Pakistan Railways website or national job portals.
The application process may involve submitting resumes, attending interviews, and potentially passing various assessments or examinations based on the specific job requirements.

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Pakistan Railways Management Jobs in Lahore 2023
Pakistan Railways Management Jobs in Lahore 2023

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